Sunday, May 23, 2010



Gina discovered Snooter-doots™ recently while using up some left over yarn to make a toy for her ‘grand-dog’.

The name is her daughter’s creation. She started telling me stories about Popipity the Squirrel and the Snooter-doots when she was just five or six years old. What a grand imagination! She vowed to myself those twenty-five years ago to expand the Snooter-doot tales into a book some day, but  never really knew what they looked like, so the idea just sat there.....

Snooter-doots are handcrafted, whimsical ‘creatures’ for kids of ALL ages. No two are alike. Each has personality with its own name and birthday. Snooter-doots and their Snooter-friends are all natural, handmade from felted wool in Seattle, WA. They are all looking for a good home; adopt one today!

Some patterns are also available for purchase.  Many Snooter-Doots are made with Cascade 220.

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