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Souk - Double Woven Rib Stitch Cowl

Souk is a fun new yarn with a tweedy texture and 8 luscious colors per colorway.  A Silk/Wool blend with a generous 220 yards/100 gram skein that works up beautifully.  I prefer simple stitch patterns since the yarn does most of the work.  There are 14 different colorways to choose from.  I couldn't resist the Rainbow colorway - it probably has something to do with grey Seattle winters and springs.  This cowl works up very quickly in a simple stitch pattern.

1 skein Souk - 55% Silk/45% Wool - 220 yds/100 gUS 10 circular needlesYarn NeedleStitch MarkerAbbreviations K - Knitsl2 wyif - Slip 2 stitches with yarn in front

Cast on 160 sts
Join in the round, careful not to twist.  Place marker at beginning.

1 - K1, *[sl2 wyif, K2] - repeat from * to last 3 stitches - end sl2 wyif, K1
2 - K
Continued until reach desired width.  Bind off loosely.  Weave in ends and block.