Monday, January 30, 2012

Feather and Fan Wrap

The Wrap that almost wasnt....
So, we decided to do a secret Santa at the office this year and I pulled a person that is always cold and loves purple.  Normally with the craziness of life (especially going into the holidays), I would've picked something quick that I wouldn't stress about finishing, but I ended up going on a last minute international trip. 

I came up with the great idea of stranding 2 shades of Venezia Worsted using a feather and fan pattern, thinking I would have at least 18-20 hours of knitting between the flight there and back.  That worked great on the way there.  On the return trip (in which everything that possibly could go wrong, went wrong) my knitting was confiscated on the flight because knitting needles were not allowed on that airline on international flights.  Obviously the stewardess was not a knitter and didn't have any knitter friends or she would've known that I stay much calmer while knitting.  I was able to get the project back as I left the plane to find out I would not be making my connection.

I did not finish this project in time for the secret Santa at the office (instead I stranded Baby Alpaca Chunky, Lana d'Oro, and Kid Seta Noir in a quick cowl that was also quite warm).  The good news is her birthday is tomorrow and I finished it last night.  The other good news is I have the pattern.  It is pretty easy to modify - add or subtract multiples of 18 stitches to make it wider or narrower.  2 skeins and only casting on 20 stitches would make a lovely scarf.

Feather & Fan Wrap

Designed by Shannon Dunbabin

Contrasting colors in a luscious merino/silk blend makes a beautiful yet warm wrap (that can also work as a lap blanket).  The pattern can easily be converted into a scarf by only casting on 20 stitches and using 1 skein per color.

-        4 skeins Venezia Worsted (70% Merino Wool/30% Mulberry Silk  – 218 yds/100 g) (2 per color – shown in 156 & 107)
-        Size US 10.5 needle (used a 30” circular)

-        K – Knit
-        K2Tog – Knit 2 Together
-        YO – Yarn Over

 Cast on 56 stitches.
Pattern (odd rows are right side):
Row 1:  Knit
Row 2:  Purl
Row 3:  K1, *[K2tog] 3 times, [YO, K1] 6 times, [K2tog] 3 times, repeat from *, end K1.
Row 4:  Knit.

Knit until almost desired length.  For last time through pattern, do rows 1-3 and bind off.  Weave in ends, block if desired.