Friday, September 23, 2011

Knit Along Progress - Shannon

So I got some time to knit and am quite pleased with the progress. I assured Rob that the one finger completed is actually for the index finger... One change I did was to slip every other stitch when I changed to a new color to get a more jagged line.

Monday, September 19, 2011

Knit-Along Progress - Stacy & Bonnie

Stacy's progress
Stacy and Bonnie both got some knitting in this weekend.  Both are fairly new knitters - Stacy has been knitting for a little more than a year and Bonnie just started this year.  They are both doing a great job!  Bonnie had to make a few starts and the biggest challenge thus far was joining in the round without twisting it.
Bonnie's progress

Knit-Along Progress - Tammy

Office Knit-Along Continued - Tammy's Progress
Tammy made quite a bit of headway on her first mitt this past weekend.  Several of us have yet to cast on, but expect to get started this week.

Friday, September 16, 2011

Office Knit-Along from 60 More Quick Knits - Part 1

60 More Quick Knits - Cascade Yarns Knit-Along
We are trying an office knit-along and hope that some other people might try too.  When the preview copies came in for 60 More Quick Knits we fell in love with the Convertible Mitten-Gloves pattern by Yoko Hatta and decided it would make a great knit-along.  Seven of us from the office will be making these, helping each other along, and sharing our progress.

To start, everyone picked their own colors of Cascade 220 Sport:
Ann selected autumn tones.

Betsy selected jewel tones.

As did Bonnie....

And Tammy....

Spring picked a spring flower palette.

Stacy went for a bit of pop!

I went for a tonal approach.