Thursday, May 20, 2010

Destination Yarn: 2010 - Some Cool Things Seen by the Cascade Sheep

At the Burien Yarn Stash, Cascade Sheep found some cute stuffed toys from Amigurumi Knits knit in Cascade 220.  He particularly thought the ant was cute.

At Seattle Yarn Gallery, Cascade Sheep found Elaine from The Urban Sheep - Modesto, CA holding her design knit from Cascade 220.

The adorable French Bulldogs at So Much Yarn.  They wanted to play with Cascade Sheep.

Cascade Sheep liked the purple Pure Alpaca Sweater and the great green shawl.

Also at The Fiber Gallery - Cascade 220 - and the door prize for today was Cascade.

At Acorn Street - Cascade Sheep found Cascade 220 and Ultra Pima.  There was also a beautiful swatch of 128 Superwash that caught his eye.

At Great Yarns - Cascade Sheep found Fontelle Jones' designs in Pure Alpaca and the door prize (Ultra Pima).

At Main Street Yarns - Pretty Sierra scarf and a cute friend for Cascade Sheep.

Cascade Sheep liked the featured pattern in Ecowool (also Main Street Yarns).

At Hilltop Yarn East, Cascade Sheep found some 220 swatches from the Great American Afghan series and had a nice chat with a flamingo hanging out at the shop.

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