Thursday, May 6, 2010

C2Knits - Zoe Cardi

Zoe Cardi
Designed by Cheri Christian - C2Knits

The Zoe Cardi is a lovely little top-down, seamless cardigan with simple lace on the front and sleeves. The lace insert is optional, if desired you can work the Zoe Cardi without lace, for a simple anytime cardi. Zoe is a great little summertime cardi--but don’t forget about her in the winter. Made from a great worsted wool or alpaca, she would be a perfect anytime cardi all winter long. Maybe with a zipper....

Knit in Pima Silk - 85% Pima Cotton/15% Silk - 109 yds/50 g - color #5136 - 600 (700, 800, 900) yds
sizes: 32-35, 36-39, 40-43, 44-47


  1. This cardi is so elegant. It proves that less is more. Where can I get this pattern?

  2. If you click on the name (Zoe Cardi) there is a link that will take you to the page. Also, many local yarn shops are carrying these patterns as well.