Sunday, December 16, 2012

Easy Lacy Scarf - Pluscious

I love new yarns.  They have endless possibilities and lots of suggestions as to what they would like to become.  Pluscious is a fun machine washable yarn and 148 yards per 100 grams.  It is great for baby toys, blankets, pillows, and more.  I wanted to try something different and throw together a scarf out of one skein.  It is amazingly soft and would be a wonderful scarf or shawl for someone that is sensitive to wool.
Pluscious is similar is feel to Chenille, but it doesn't worm.  I found it easy on my hands and got a long scarf out of 1 skein.
  • 1 skein Pluscious (100% Polyester - 148 yd/100g ) - shown in color 02 (Open Seas)
  • US 10.5 Needles
  • Yarn Needle


  • K - Knit
  • YO - Yarn Over
  • K2Tog - Knit 2 Together
Cast on 16 stitches

Row 1-4 K
Row 5-8 K1 [YO, K2tog]* K1 (repeat from * to last stitch)

Continue until reach desired length.
Bind of loosely.
Weave in ends with yarn needle.

*For a wrap - cast on 40 stitches and use 2 skeins.

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