Monday, April 12, 2010

KuKu Dolls - Made in Cascade 220

Darlene and Lisa started the Dolly-Mamas and making The KuKu Dolls in 2008 and donate a portion of all profits to women and children's causes. They are multicultural, knitted, felted dolls that are available as kits, patterns and finished dolls. Each KuKu Doll has its own name and personality and when you make one, you put a little touch of yourself in it as well.

Lucy has multicolored hair and brown eyes. (In case you couldn't tell her namesake is Lucy Neatby.)  Pre-felted she is about 12″ tall, finished about 8”.  Both kit and pattern are available.
Knit in Cascade 220
Zarah has black hair and brown eyes. Pre-felted she is about 12″ tall, finished about 8”.
Dave has brown hair and blue eyes.


  1. Many local yarn shops (including Purlescence Yarns) carry the patterns. Also they are available on-line.