Friday, January 22, 2010

Patternfish - Celtic Cardigan by Annie Dempsey

Annie Dempsey's Celtic Cardigan
Knit in Cascade 220.

"A perennial favorite, this cardigan was inspired by the rock walls that are found all over the British Isles," explains Dempsey. "The body of the cardigan is knit in garter rib stitch, while the bands and yoke take ample advantage of twisted stitch patterning." Bring us your bright, your ambitious, your beauty-lovers, and have them feast on the knitting of this; perhaps easier than it looks at first. The back and fronts are made separate, and the cabling-- with the modest exception of the yoke-- is confined to narrow bands. The result is extraordinary, unique and endlessly involving, even just to look at. Modified drop shoulders. Gauge is over garter rib

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