Monday, January 18, 2010

Heritage Paints by Stevanie Pico from Sock Summit

The new Heritage Paints colors designed by Stevanie Pico are finally in the warehouse!  Her unique sense of color created 5 beautiful new colorways for our Heritage Paints.  In conjunction with Abundant Yarns and Dyeworks, we had a naming contest for the new colors at the Sock Summit.  There were a ton of entries to decide between.  Some of the colorways had more than 100 entries for them, so it was a very difficult choice.

So the winners are....
9907 - Seattle Blues - Nela Cumming
9906 - Wild Honey - Kirsti McElligot
9903 - Sage Honey - Chirstine Collins
9904 - Briar Rose - Lesley Duckworth
9905 - Desert Adobe - Aleen Caplan Yamasaki


  1. So pretty I would like to have some

  2. Wow - that is awesome - I won! It was my fave colorway as well :-)