Monday, September 17, 2018

Washcloths for Safe Passage

This past weekend Rob and I (along with our 2 year old) had the pleasure of being a part of Webs Fall Knitting Retreat held on the University of Massachusetts - Amherst campus. We got to spend time with a fabulous group of knitters and had a wonderful time. 
In the evenings we did the Late Night Knitting Lounge (this included 3 different yarn tastings and door prizes). We were a part of this last year and thought it would be great to add charity knitting for the attendees.
Steve and Kathy Elkins suggested Safe Passage as the charity and along with Amy Greemen (who is an amazing person and organizational force) came up with the idea of knitting washcloths. Safe Passage provides emergency shelter, counseling and support for victims of domestic violence in Hampshire County. Often they have to leave home to seek shelter with nothing.
We donated yarn for all of the attendees to each get a skein of Nifty Cotton in their swag bag. I created a pattern that was inspired by the Safe Passage logo and mission that features a house with a heart on it. The pattern is now available on our website and Ravelry as a free download. Each skein of Nifty Cotton should make 2-3 washcloths.
I was completely blown away by the generosity of the attendees. Not only did they knit 60 washcloths over the course of the weekend but over $500 was donated. Both Cascade Yarns and Webs offered to match the donations.
Most areas have local shelters and support organizations for victims of domestic abuse. Unfortunately, there is a need for it. DAWN is a local organization in the Seattle area that provides shelter and support. This pattern (and any others on our website) are free downloads and available for charity knitting and crochet.


  1. Thank you a million times over for your sponsoring of the Late Night Knitters Lounge at the WEBS retreat! It was a lot of fun knitting with friends, and hoping our numbers got called for your incredibly generous drawings (and, I must confess that expressing our alcohol-fueled faux outrage when our numbers didn’t get called was a lot of fun, too!). In all seriousness, thank you for allowing us attendees to do a little good for others while enjoying each other’s company.