Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Double Woven Stitch Scarf - Pure Alpaca Paints

Slip-stitch patterns work up beautifully in hand-dyed yarns.  It helps the colorway show itself off a bit differently and adds some texture.
Pure Alpaca Paints is soft and warm - begging to be a cowl.  There was some very interesting pooling and texture with this stitch.  If you do not want a rolled edge, I would suggest several rows of moss stitch on each edge.
-1 hank Pure Alpaca Paints (100% Baby Alpaca - 220 yds/100 g) - shown in 9377 - Rose Garden

- US 6 circular needles (at least 24" circumference)

- Stitch Marker

- Yarn Needle

- K - Knit

- sl2 - Slip 2 stitches

- wyif - with yarn in front

22 stitches = 3.75"
Finished Circumference approximately 31" before blocking

Cast on 180 stitches
Join in the round (careful not to twist)
Place marker

1 - K
2 - sl2 wyif, K2
3 - K
4 - K2, sl2 wyif

Continue until desired width. Bind off loosely.  
Weave in ends.

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