Friday, September 10, 2010

In the Loop Scarf - Dawn Brocco

In the Loop
Designed by Dawn Brocco

This is another great skill-building design. The lace pattern consists of 3 simple stitches which are repeated on every row. The quirky construction makes the fabric reversible, so the fabric peeking through the keyhole openings on both sides of the scarf never show a wrong side.

Whether chunky and casual, silky and elegant, or romantically light as a feather, this scarf can complement any outfit. So, knit it short, knit it long, knit it fine, knit it thick - the design is very adjustable. Samples show Medium, Long, and Even Longer lengths!

Long Scarf: Cascade Yarns Dolce, 55% superfine alpaca / 23% wool / 22% silk, 109 yd / 50 gram hank: 2 hanks #970 Mushroom, US size 10 (6 mm) ndls 
Finished Dimensions: 
Medium / Long / Even Longer Scarf: approx 2" Wide x 60 / 93 / 140" Long

Medium Scarf::
 Cascade Yarns Cotton Rich DK (used double), 64% cotton / 36% nylon, 135.6 yd / 50 gram hank: 2 hanks #3418 Pomegranate, US size 13 (9 mm) ndls 

Even Longer Scarf: Cascade Yarns Kid Seta (used double), 70% superkid mohair / 30% silk, 230 yd / 25 gram ball: 2 balls #403 Aquamarine, US size 11 (8 mm) ndls 

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