Saturday, July 17, 2010

Crochet Adorned - by Linda Permann

Crochet Adorned

Linda Permann's book  is book full of fun crochet embellishments to accent all of your needlework projects, be they knitted, crocheted or sewn! Crochet the patterns as written or use the stitch mix and match the motifs in the included stitch dictionary. Many of the patterns in the stitch dictionary are worked up in Cascade.

Crochet a bouquet of flowers to add to your knit, crochet or store-bought cardigan using 220 Superwash. Full diagrams and written instructions make it easy to do!

These double-layered lacy trivets, worked in  Sierra, will protect your countertop from warm pots and pans and add a bit of charm to your kitchen.

Add a touch of luxury to this headband by making it with a super-soft silk blend yarn Venezia Worsted—it takes less than a skein!

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  1. The garden party is lovely and reminds me of old-fashioned decorations.