Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Patternfish - Dishcloth Dress - Designed by Mary Lou Egan

Dishcloth Dress
Designed by Mary Lou Egan - M.L. Egan Designs

Knit in Cottonrich DK - 64% Cotton/36% Nylon - 135.6 yds - 2-3 skeins color A and 4-5 skeins of color B - sizes 2-6 (S-M)

"The drawstring at the underarm and the adjustable straps make the sizing on this very flexible," says Egan. "Skirt is knit in the round and bodice and straps are worked flat in garter stitch." This is a very fun piece to make, and gives you practice in lots of technique-- slip stitch patterning on the skirt, the eyelet drawstring round (and accompanying I-cord drawstring itself), and the relaxing garter front and back at the end. You'll find it goes surprisingly quickly because you're so engaged with it all."

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