Thursday, March 25, 2010 - Spring/Summer 2010 -

Know It All
Designed  by:  Kalani Craig

Knit in Cascade 220 (Heathers) - 220 yds/100g - colors #4011 Sparrow and #9448 Olive (1 skein each)
A very cool bag! 
On Knitty, Kalani wrote about her design: "Yep, this bag knows everything. It knows your row number, the chart for your stitch pattern, and where you are in that stitch pattern. Unlike the other know-it-alls in your life, it will gladly share information with you by displaying your row number and a chart for the current row of your stitch pattern in lights! (Though of course there are limitations; you can generate a custom chart for the bag, but only for stitch patterns up to 10 stitches wide that use k, p, k2tog, ssk and sk2p).

The bag is part of a growing project category called “computational textiles.” Computational textiles is a scary phrase often applied to projects that are complicated, difficult and fun but don’t do much. Still, I found myself obsessed with the idea of mixing knitting and technology after making an origami crane with light-up eyes at a computational textiles workshop at Indiana University.

This bag is the result of that obsession. The 10 LED lights act as a row counter and a charted pattern. And more important: just about any knitter could pull this off.

Really. Any knitter with a thirst for adventure and a few projects under their belt can do this.
You can make and use this bag if you can:
•Seam using whipstitch (not even mattress stitch!)
•Thread a needle without poking yourself (for the sewing, and my weakness)
•Poke yourself while threading a needle (for the needle felting; in fact, this was my first-ever needle-felting project!)
•Read knitting charts
•Sync an iPod or cellphone with your computer "

Kalani Craig is a PhD candidate in Medieval History at Indiana University. A native of Portland, Ore., Kalani is devoted to the twin arts of coffee and wine drinking and amuses herself by reading funny bits of medieval Latin out loud. The record of her adventures, knitting and otherwise, is intermittently updated at

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