Sunday, February 14, 2010

Pittsburgh Knit and Crochet Festival

We had a great time at the Pittsburgh Knit and Crochet Festival!
A giant Angora bunny (and yes it was as soft as it looks!)

We got to meet the group from Hog Heaven Rescue Farm, a group dedicated to the rescue, rehabilitate and foster of abused, neglected and unwanted hoofed animals. They take these animals in and provide vet care, feed and farrier care, work on getting these animals healthy, physically, emotionally & socially and then adopt them out to loving forever homes.  They were winding yarn for donations and were busy the entire weekend.

We gave away 600 hats patterns and 1200 skeins of yarn to participants of the Festival. Randy Grossman (former Steeler and wife of festival organizer Barb Grossman) signed autographs (on patterns or whatever else was handy) while modeling the hat (designed by Lorna Miser). 
Cathy Davis (the local arep for the area) helped at the booth all weekend and enjoyed getting a chance to meet Randy.

CJ Ardash stopped by to show us her great green and white Fair Isle sweater knit from Cascade 220 using a Melissa Leapman (who was busy teaching all weekend) pattern. She made a matching sweater for her husband after their honeymoon.


  1. Hi Ladies! I was one of the volunteers who was winding yarn this weekend. I wanted you to know that we really enjoyed meeting you and hearing about Cascade Yarns and what a wonderful family owned business you have. I think that the Steelers Hat event was a wonderful idea! Ok, must go rest my winding arm now...
    Julie aka farmgirlnow on Ravelry

  2. We enjoyed having you: Shannon, Rob, David and Cathy! See you at TNNA, The giant angora bunny photo with my daughter Sarah is lovely! She never puts it down and asks every year, can we take it home? Every year, the answer is the same.................. NO. She can have it when she moves out, a dog, cat, chickens...... no more animals. We'll visit the bunny! Barb