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A Year of Giving - January - Baby Llama Chunky - Lush Life Scarf

This year we will be featuring a pattern each month with the theme of giving. For each pattern we will give away enough yarn to make the project and draw a winner. Each month will feature a new pattern and we will select a winner from the blog and a winner through Facebook. This month's winners will be selected on Monday, March 28 at 3 pm. To enter on the blog comment below with your favorite project to make for giving.

This month, we are featuring a scarf I designed in Baby Llama Chunky - Lush Life Scarf. I started crocheting again in December since I was unable to knit for a while after elbow surgery. I wanted to create a gift for a neighbor that has been a wonderful friend to my family. I thought a dressy scarf would give her warm and a hug when she needed it - with the added bonus of being in her favorite color.
  • 3 skeins Baby Llama Chunky (100% Baby Llama - 109 yds/100 g) - shown in #19 (Acai)
  • J Hook (6 mm)
  • Yarn Needle
12. sts x 5.5 rows = 4” (10 cm) in DC

Finished Size
9" x 72"

Ch - Chain
DC - Double Crochet
SC - Single Crochet

Ch 30 sts
Set-up row - DC in 4th chain from hook, DC in each Ch across

Start Pattern:
Row 1 -  Ch 1, SC in 1st DC, *[Ch1, skip next 2 DC, SC in next DC] - rep from *, end with SC in 3rd ch of turning ch
Row 2 - Chain 5 (counts as DC, Ch 2), SC in next Ch-4 loop, [Ch 4, SC] in each Ch-4 loop across to last Ch-4 loop, Ch 2, DC in last SC
Row 3 - Ch 1, SC in 1st DC,  [Ch 4, SC] in each Ch-4 loop across, end with last SC in 3rd Ch of Turning Ch
Row 4 - Ch 3 (counts as DC), 3 DC in each Ch-4 loop across (28 DC including Ch-3)
Row 5 - Ch 3 (counts as DC), Skip 1st DC, DC in next DC, *[Ch 1, skip next DC, DC in each of next 2 DC] - rep from * until last 2 sts, Ch 1, skip next DC, DC in 3rd Ch of turning Ch
Row 6 - Ch 3 (counts as DC), Skip 1st DC, DC in each DC and Ch-1 space across, ending with 3rd Ch of Turning Ch

Repeat rows 1-6 until scarf is desired length
Block (I did wet blocking to let it really open up)

Weave in ends.

Remember - to enter on the blog, leave a comment below with your favorite project to make for giving.


  1. I like to make hats and scarves for giving.

  2. I like to make hats - I give them to schools, the cancer society and the group that helps the homeless. I love Cascade yarns and wish the yarn stores in town hadn't gone out of business.

  3. I like to make hats and Cowls to give to my two nieces. I make something for them every Xmas and they love it.

    1. Hi. You were selected as our winner! Please send an email to with your full name, shipping address and phone number.

  4. I love to make baby afghans for all the new babies. I am known as the blanket lady at work.

  5. Hats. Everyone in New England needs a warm hat, from newborns to 100

  6. I make prayer shawls and slippers.

  7. I love the do scarves or shawls as gifts hats when requested ☺️

  8. I do a lot of hats, but by far, my favorite gifts are things for babies.

  9. I knit hats and socks for give aways, as well as fingerless gloves, we live in an area that the winters are cold and fairly long, so these are essentials...

  10. My favorite thing to knit and give away is hats. I make between 5 and 13 dozen hats for a local school districts clothing bank. I try to make them as colorful as possible in an array of sizes. To break things up I knit and weave scarfs. Usually a dozen or spa year.

  11. I love giving baby blankets, hats & booties. They are so soft and always appreciated!

  12. I knit scarves for the Red Scarf Project and also our local homeless shelter.

  13. I just started making baby blankets.

  14. Scarfs, headbands or ear warmers.

  15. I like to crochet baby blankets for giving

  16. I am just learning to knit. But I’m having a lot of fun with it though I still need a little more practice before I make anything worthy of gift giving or wearing out myself even. A true beginner of beginners. When I’m a little more experienced, I’d like to make socks and house slippers for everybody in the family. Perhaps even the dogs since their little feet get so cold in Washington in the winter. Do they make waterproof yarn I wonder for such a project?? That would be awesome but I’m not going to get my hopes up too high on that last one. But curling up on the couch in comfortable clothes and socks to watch tv with my four legged family members is what I live for...sometimes;) Lots of feet to keep warm. I should stay busy for awhile on that project.

  17. I like to make all kinds of things. Last year I made & gifted a shawl, 2 ponchos, cowls, hats & a lapghan. Most of these things were given to widows or older single ladies at church.


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