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Kid Seta - Light as a Feather Shawl

Kid Seta is a lovely blend of Super Kid Mohair and Silk with just a dash of Merino Wool added for loft.  There are 300 yards in one 25 gram ball and I thought it could be fun to see what I could make out of one ball.  It turned out to be the perfect travel project - very light weight and it fit in my purse very easily.  At times when I was working with it, the strand of yarn would seem to gently float  down to my lap. Mohair is lovely to knit on big needles - it holds its shape and is allowed to breathe a bit.  One ball actually made a shawl that is about 46" across the top and 20" at the point.  The finished shawl would be a great one to keep with you to wear in the air conditioning or if it cools of in the evening and with about 25 g of yarn it is virtually weightless. Materials 1 ball Kid Seta (61% Super Kid Mohair/35% Silk/4% Merino Wool – 300 yds/25 g) – shown in 19 Size US 7 needle 2 Stitch Markers Yarn needle Finished Measuments & Gauge