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Jean's Scarf - knit in Kid Seta Noir

Kid Seta Noir is a lovely lightweight (yet warm) mohair blend with just a hint of sparkle.  It also has the lovely ability to play nicely on big needles and still hold its shape.  In December I had made a scarf for Ann which I called Popcorn Scarf rather than Potato Chip Scarf (something about mixing up snack foods late at night).  I thought is would be lovely in the Kid Seta Noir , but knew that I wanted to modify it a bit.  Even better, I knew the perfect color to use for a gift. Materials  - US 8 Needles  - 1 Ball Kid Seta Noir ( 60% Super Kid Mohair/ 22% Silk / 11% Nylon/ 7% Metallic Yarn (Lurex) - 232 yds/25 g) - shown in 13 - Lavender Abbreviations K - Knit W&T - Wrap and Turn Cast on 23 Knit 9, W&T Knit 9, Turn Knit 7,  W&T Knit 7,  Turn Knit 5,  W&T Knit 5,  Turn Knit 23 Continue until reach desired length. Bind off loosely and weave in ends.

Ribbed Hat - knit in Greenland

This holiday season, I took on a bunch of projects (more than I would normally think was sane) and was able to complete most of them.  This hat was was for a neighbor and I was more than happy to knit with Greenland again.  Greenland  is an ideal yarn to knit for a guy - it is durable yet soft - plus it is easy care - just throw it in the washer and dryer. While knitting this, I realized this stitch would also make a lovely cowl, so I am sure that will be on the needles at some point in the near future. Materials -   1 ball Greenland (100% Superwash Merino Wool - 137 yds/100 g) - shown in 3533 - Walnut Heather US 8 16" Circular Needle US 8 DPNs Stitch Marker Yarn Needle Abbreviations -   K - Knit P - Purl K2Tog - Knit 2 Together Using 16" Circular Needle - Cast on 80 stitches. Join in the round.  Be careful not to twist stitches.  Place a stitch marker at the beginning of the round. Start Pattern: Row 1 - K1, P1, K1, P2 Row 2 - P2, K3

Honeycomb Cable Hat - Greenland

I got the brilliant idea this year to knit a number of people gifts.  I managed to finish 6 projects in the month of December and write out the patterns for most of them.  One of my favorites was this lovely cabled hat knit in Greenland .  Greenland is one of my favorite yarns - it has this amazing springy twists and has fabulous stitch definition.  Sadly, I seem to never get a chance to knit it. The finished hat shown is for an average adult - finished (unstretched) measurement is 7" wide and 8" long from the cast on edge.  I cast on 88 stitches.  It can easily be adapted to be smaller (cast on 80 stitches) or larger (cast on 96 stitches). Materials: (1), 1, (2) ball Greenland (100% Superwash Merino Wool - 137 yds/100 g) - shown in color 3549 US 7 - 16" circular needles US 9 - 16" circular needles Cable needle (or spare DPN) Stitch Marker Abbrevations K - Knit P - Purl cn - cable needle Sl - slip 4-st RC - Sl 2 sts to cn and hold to back