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YOM - North Shore

I am one of those people that actually enjoys swatching. It gives me time to get to know a yarn. It can talk to me and tell me what works really well and what is probably better used with a different yarn. North Shore is an acrylic that has a similar look and feel of mercerized cotton. The DK gauge yarn comes in 27 solids and 12 prints.  The yarn has lovely drape and sheen. North Shore is easy care (machine wash & dry) and quite durable. I cast on with US 6 needles and tried a variety of different stitches.  Since North Shore is an acrylic, I have to remember that you have to like the way it knits up before you block. Acrylics don't usually respond very much to blocking. Knit and Purl combinations  tended to not pop as much as they would on a springier fiber. Ribbing was a bit drapey. Stockinette worked well.  Eyelets and garter were fine but it did not show the drape of the yarn. My favorite stitch pattern that I tried was a Fern Lace. I plan to swatch some mo